To Think, To Inspire

To Think, To Inspire

Monday, 31 August 2015

Annyeong Haseyo 2014 @ Samcheongdong 三清洞

Samcheongdong 三清洞


Memorable food hunting experience, we walked so much to reach the restaurant located at a small lane behind the row of shops, asking people and police around to get to the area we headed to after visiting Gyeongbukgong. When we reached there, we still had to be in the queue as the dining tables were fully occupied. This small shop was merry even though it was packed and hot inside. The pot was not as spicy as I thought, having so many ingredients inside, like noodles, seafood, egg, rice cake, ham etc, just like a steamboat. Certainly worth it after walking so long to get to this meal.

Place: 吃休付走 
Food: Budae Jjigae 部队锅/年糕锅 -13000 won (2 soup bases)

p/s: Must choose at least two flavours as the soup base. The price differs with the flavours you choose.


Traditional style buildings/ shops are in abundance in Samcheongdong, locating by the main road or by the small lanes that twist and turn around. They sell snacks, various food and drinks, clothes, accessories etc. Besides, we could see creative murals around Samcheongdong street. Live while we're young

Place: Samcheongdong Street
Attraction: Traditional Style Buildings 

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